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The Must Have Coffee Camping Supplies

Just because you are off the grid does not mean you must be without coffee. There are many ways to make your favorite coffee transportable with little waste. Check out our must have list here.


An AeroPress is often described as the best way to make your coffee while you’re camping in the mountains. It is a combination between a pour-over and a French press allowing you to not sacrifice your favorite gourmet coffee flavor wherever you are. It compresses the grounds and allows a little bit of hot water to drizzle through the grounds just as a pour-over does. Then you compress the grounds down as you do with a French press. By compressing the grounds into a small puck, it makes cleanup a breeze. Check out our favorite AeroPress here. 

French Press 

A french press is not just good for at home use. There are many french presses made not of glass but of insulated metal that is perfect for the sometimes rough and tumble life that comes with camping. To make the best coffee from a french press, scoop your coffee grounds into the bottom of your french press while you heat water to a boil in a separate pot. Once your water comes to a boil pour it into your french press and let it stand for 8-10 minutes before you depress the plunger. Here is the rough and tumble french press we love. 


The percolator has been the go-to for campers who love coffee from the very beginning. It has a metal tube that runs up to a metal basket full of coffee grounds. Fill the basket on top with coffee grounds and the percolator with water then place the percolator over your camp stove or fire. As the water heats up and comes to a boil it moves (or percolates) up the metal tube into the coffee basket to brew the strongest coffee you can get over a campfire. This is our favorite percolator.


Pour-Over Stand 

Most at-home pour-over stands are made from ceramic or other non-travel friendly materials. However there are many lightweight and compact pour-overs that are perfect for your next hike. Brewing coffee with a pour-over has been all the rage for gourmet coffee drinkers. The rich and bold taste that comes from brewing this way is unmatched by most other at-home (or out on the trail) methods. To use you simply set the pour-over stand over your mug, place the filter and your grounds in the stand and pour hot water into the filter. Your freshly brewed coffee then pours right into your mug. Check out this compact pour-over stand perfect for camping. 

We love being off the grid but not without coffee. These supplies are sure to still deliver the best coffee flavors to you regardless of where you are. All of our ground coffee beans work with whichever brew kit fits you best.