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Sustainability & Coffee

In a world where sustainability is more at the forefront of conversations, it’s important for us to talk about in the coffee realm as well. We are sourcing coffee from all over the world and packaging it to be sent across the country. So what does sustainability for us at Steamboat Coffee Company look like? 

Coffee bean bags

It starts with sourcing. 

Knowing where our beans are coming from and what the farms are like is essential. By roasting single origin coffees we are able to better know what is going on before the coffee beans hit United States soil. Things like fair wages, stable working conditions and hiring those who are old enough to work are the most essential parts of coffee sourcing for sustainability. At Steamboat Coffee Company we work closely with our sourcing company to ensure that we are not receiving just the best tasting coffee beans grown at ideal elevations and climates, but the most ethically sourced beans. Our sourcing team is “boots on the ground” with the farms to see what their working conditions are like and speak with the farmers about how they are growing their beans. This creates a truly win-win environment for you, the consumer, and us, the roaster. You are able to drink your coffee knowing that your beans are not the result of unfair labor practices and we are able to know the most we can about the coffee beans that are being roasted. 

Steamboat CO Farmers Market

 Selling Ethically

 Our company’s sustainability does not end with sourcing. It comes back into selling our  beans ethically as well. We ensure that our team that is roasting our coffee is working at a fair and livable wage. We make sure to price our coffee at a point that guarantees we will be able to always maintain these wages and be able to continue to source our beans from high quality farmers. Our favorite place to sell our coffee is at the local Steamboat Springs, CO Farmers Market. By doing this we are able to boost our local economy and support our community making sure that our business is sustainable and ethical for you. 

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to know that we are doing what we can to boost our local economy, care for those around us, and make life a little better for not only our incredible customers, but the teams of growers and roasters that are behind every cup.