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SBT GRVL is a world-class gravel race experience held on the greatest gravel
roads on Earth in and around the magnificent Steamboat Springs, CO.
The unique combination of the quiet roads surrounding a thriving
resort town create a setting for an incredible gravel bike race.

With the fundamental goal of inclusiveness, we want to focus not only
on the race, but a fantastic weekend away with family and friends.
The beauty of the mountains (not to mention the camaraderie with fellow cyclists)
as well as the basic challenge of covering these gravel roads on
two wheels is something that will not soon be forgotten.

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  This selection of beans was specifically chosen and roasted for SBT GRVL.
Beans are grown in Central America at high altitudes. Because of the altitude,
the development of the coffee bean slows, causing complex sugars to develop
slower, giving more depth in flavors, making this an amazing coffee!

The sales from this coffee not only support local businesses and not-for-profits
here in NW Colorado, but support the coffee farmers, their families, and the entire
communities where these coffee beans are grown and harvested.

Steamboat Coffee Company is honored to support SBT GRVL, where 3000 riders
come together to compete and celebrate the best gravel roads in the world. Fun,
safety, credibility, fairness, and inclusivity are revered and prioritized.

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